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Air Purifier Sansevieria in Eco-friendly Pot


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Share the happiness with your loved ones by gifting them this lovely and air cleanser Sansevieria plant. This gift pack contains a Sansevieria plant potted in eco-friendly pot with eco-friendly plate and pebbles.

Common names: Snake plant, mother-in-law tongue, tongue of a devil, Saint George’s sword.

Species: Dracaena trifasciata

Family: Asparagaceae

Genus: Dracaena

Plant’s Height: Upto 1.5 ft.


Note: Pots will be provided as per the requirement of the plant.

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This plant is known as Snake Plant for its leaves resembling shape or Mother In Laws tongue for its sharp margins. Sansevieria trifasciata is a species of foliage plants in the family Asparagaceae. Leaves are erect, fleshy, sharply-pointed, sword-shaped, deep green with light gray-green horizontal stripes. Leaves arise in a rosette from a thick rhizome. Small fragrant greenish-white flowers bloom on mature plants. Flowers and fruit rarely appear on indoor plants.The Snake plant purifies the air by absorbing toxins through the leaves and producing pure oxygen. In fact, Sansevieria is an ideal houseplant.

  • Best air purifier plant.
  • Best plant for AC rooms.
  • Zero maintenance plant.

Product Delivery Information:

  • The image displayed is indicative in nature.
  • Actual product may vary in shape or design as per the availability.
  • The number of leaves and the size of the plant depends on seasonal availability.
  • Since flowers are seasonal in nature, flowering plants may be delivered without the bloom. Flowers, if present in plant, may be in fully bloomed, semi-bloomed or bud stage.
  • Pots will be provided as per the requirement of the plant.
  • Delivery will be attempted on the same day, but there may be a delay of 3-5 hours depending on the traffic and the weather.
  • Our courier partners do not call prior to delivering an order, so we recommend that you provide an address at which someone will be present to receive the package.
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Snake Plant’s Care Instructions:

Colors: Green, Variegated

Special Features: Purifies the air, Super- easy to grow

Soil: Sansevieria plants prefer a loose, well-drained potting mix. This plant will do well in sandier soils. Pick a potting media low in peat, which eventually packs and refuses to re-hydrate or drain properly. An all-purpose cactus potting soil is a good choice.

Water: Don’t require much water. Let the soil dry between watering. During winter, reduce watering to monthly, or whenever the soil is dry to the touch, enough water can harm the plant.

Light: Snake plats are suitable with all type of lights like High light, Low light and even with medium light.

Fertilizer:  Feed with a mild cactus fertilizer during the growing season or a balanced liquid slow-release (10-10-10 fertilizer) diluted to half-strength. Do not fertilize in the winter

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