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Aralia is a striking, multi-stemmed member of the Araliaceae family, a huge family that consists of more than 70 species.

Common Name: Spikenard

Family: Araliaceae

Genus: Aralia

Kingdom: plantae

Height: Upto 1.5 ft.

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Aralia is a striking, multi-stemmed member of the Araliaceae family, a huge family that consists of more than 70 species. With so many types of aralia from which to choose, plant lovers can enjoy this plant in a variety of forms, including deciduous and evergreen shrubs and trees, and beautiful indoor plants. Read on for more aralia plant information, including growing aralias and care of aralias.


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Aralia Plant’s Care Instructions:


Soil:  These tropical plants grow best in well-drained, loamy, rich, acidic potting mix. A standard potting mix with some additional perlite added works well for container grown plants.

Light: In an indoor setting aralias like very bright, indirect lighting. When choosing an indoor location, look to a north window.

The plants enjoy morning sun. Avoid full sun for indoor plants. If kept outdoors during the warmer months, most Polyscias do well in partial shade to full sun.

Water: When watering your Aralia plant indoors, keep a close eye on the soil. When it is nearly dry, provide a thorough, deep watering.

Do not allow the plant to stand in water, and do not allow the soil to become completely dry.

Fertilizer: An Aralia plant requires very little fertilizer. Feed every other month when your aralia is actively growing with a plant food high in nitrogen diluted to 1/2 the recommended strength.

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